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The Write Tool App

The Write Tool app is designed to guide the user through the pre-writing process via a series of interactive steps that rely on user input. You can jump around the different steps of the pre-writing process as needed. You may save projects and return to them later, export them to Word, Google Docs, iCloud, Dropbox, or email them to yourself, your instructor, or whomever.
Some other functions include:

  • Audio to text capability (speak your ideas rather than writing them!)
  • Develop and organize ideas quickly and easily
  • Thesis development
  • Automatically save and return where you left off
  • Work on multiple projects for multiple classes at once
  • Edit previous entries as you go

In order to begin, you need to register and pay for the app, which will allow for a personalized and ad-free experience as well as automatically download future updates and notifications for new tools and functionality.

An experienced college English professor (and writing tutor) with direct knowledge of college students’ writing needs developed The Write Tool app for the purpose of offering a student-centered and interactive writing tool unlike any product currently available. This app goes beyond the simple text and quiz model of other products and focuses on the pre-writing steps (for now).

How it works

  • Download the app ($4.99 in App Store or Google Play, use links above) and create user account/register to use the ad-free app including free updates. Also, we don't maintain or use any personal information.

  • Login using registration information and begin using right away! It is simple to use and works much like text messaging as if you are communicating with your own personal writing tutor. Create a new project with the plus symbol on the top right. Select the project name to begin. Type in or select your answers to the questions and press the arrow button when prompted or skip by swiping up or selecting a different step from the menu on the top left. Your answers will be saved (and updated when edited) on a sketch board for final editing and export. Work on and save multiple writing projects. Delete completed projects.

  • Automatically receive updates and notifications when new tools and functionalities become available.

For Instructors/Institutions

The Write Tool mobile app is easy for instructors to use in any discipline and for any student level. After informing the students about the app and the download/registration process, instructors need not do any additional instruction but may choose to engage the app in the classroom. While it would be helpful for the instructor to have basic familiarity with the app's functionality, it is not necessary.

Here are some suggestions for use based on the level and type of course.

For developmental writing courses: Instructor can walk the students through the app step by step to help explain and practice the pre-writing process. For instance, upon first introduction of the assignment, the instructor can work with the students on the first step, Understanding the Writing Prompt, and clarify the key command for the prompt and the main topic of the assignment. The instructor may then engage in conversation with the class about the different types of writing commands as well as the topic more generally and have the students continue to free-write their thoughts on the topic as homework. Continue to work as a class, in small groups, or individually for each step or assign the step as homework and have the students email (Export) their work to instructor or their peers to review in class or to earn a completion grade.

For all other courses: The Write Tool is a great way to reinforce the importance of the writing process. Instructor can engage the app as much (see above) or as little as needed. As a means to prevent procrastination and/or to make sure the students are on the right track, the instructor can require the students to email them (Export) their draft outline and thesis statement for a completion grade. Instructors may also choose to include a peer review of the draft outlines and thesis statements into the assignment as a means to further engage students in conversation about the topic and to more effectively develop ideas or arguments.

Suggested language for including The Write Tool on the syllabus as an optional resource: Go to www.thewritetool.com and click on the App Store or Google Play icon to link to and download the app. Complete the registration and one-time payment process and maintain your email and password information to login to the app. Open the app and use your email and password to login and begin using.

Interested in a bulk package for your school? Special rates are available! Please contact us to discuss further.


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